Teresa and her family continually express deep gratitude for your prayers and support!  So far, we have raised about  4%  of our goal.  You may follow Teresa's inspiring journey on her Facebook page.  
Teresa moore

Teresa Michelle Moore

Teresa's Story
Teresa Michelle Moore is a retired middle school teacher now residing with her husband in Augusta, Kansas.  Teresa and her husband had hoped to spend their long awaited retirement years traveling to enjoy more time with their children and grandchildren.  However, in July of 2018, a little over a month after she retired, she was diagnosed with an incurable debilitating lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).
IPF is a progressive disease that causes scar tissue to grow in the lungs preventing the lungs from providing adequate oxygen to the rest of Teresa's body.  Doctors do not know what causes this disease especially for Teresa, because she never smoked or worked in a hazardous or high risk environment.  There is no cure for IPF.  The only real treatment is lung transplant, and life expectancy without a transplant is typically 3 to 5 years.
Today, fatigue and other symptoms restrict Teresa's activities and she is forced to rely on an oxygen tank to keep her alive.  

There is Hope!
Fortunately, there is hope for Teresa!  She is waiting to receive a lung transplant.  In order to be a viable candidate for transplant, doctors require candidates to be healthy enough to survive the procedure.  Teresa has undergone many tests to assure she is eligible and has the best chance for a successful transplant.
Here's the catch.  The average double lung transplant costs more than $1,000,000 and insurance does not cover everything.  Teresa and her family have already incurred a huge financial burden from numerous medical tests and traveling to and from the hospital.  The expenses related to the surgery and post transplant care are astronomical.

You can help!
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To offset expenses for travel to and from medical facilities, pre-transplant care, transplant procedures, post transplant care, daily anti-rejection medications, and other expenses not paid by insurance.
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